Payroll & HRM Software

Vino Payroll manages the Payroll of any organization. It can be used in all sectors of the economy as it is a customized system and a stand-alone payroll and it can easily be integrated with any accounting system and can be accessed by unlimited number of users on a network.

The software also enables the user to process an unlimited number of employee’s payroll.

It manages the Nigerian Tax system and is flexible with high level data integrity.

It allows the user to process Loans, Grants, Allowances, Variations and other adjustments.

Above all, Vino Payroll helps to eliminate ghost workers and payments form the payroll of any organization.

The Vino Payroll is designed to achieve the following objective among others:

  1. Provide integrated personnel and payment information facilities
  2. Provide effective and efficient Personnel management system.
  3. Provide effective and efficient Loan management system.
  4. Excellent Payroll reporting system.
  5. Provide effective and efficient Pension management system.
  6. To provide management information on all personnel activities
  7. Automated wages and salaries administration.
  8. To provide Non Tedious Salary Preparations and Deduction
  9. Vino Payroll eliminates monthly complaints about irregularities in payroll processing.
  10. Provide management information on all HR computerized activities
  11. Provide a sound basis for the implementation of future technologies
  12. Automated management of Staff’s Appraisals and Promotions
  13. To assist in the decision making process of your organization’s HR Department.

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While the Vino HRM is a complete, multi functional human resources management software, with objectives as follows:

  1. Effective Job analysis and Personnel specification.
  2. Identification of human capital requirements necessary to support your organization and overall business plans
  3. Monitoring of Vacancies, Qualifications required for each post etc. to ensure effective workforce.
  4. Systematic and Complete Selection Process i.e. Application form, Aptitude test, Intelligent test, Selection Interview, Medical Test and Reference test.
  5. Provide up to date information on various valid qualification for candidates
  6. Provide facility to scan the original hand written applications.
  7. Provide timely, qualitative and accurate management information on human capital
  8. Reduced or eliminate manual processing, and permit quicker revision of Staff policies.
  9. Maintain records of appraisal and evaluation of personnel.
  10. Training and development management.
  11. Maintain records pertaining to Appointments, Promotion, Transfers and Retirement from service.
  12. Provide faster and accurate administration of salaries, wages and fringe benefits.
  13. Provide computerized management of statutory and co-operative contributions.
  14. Provide enhanced processing of retirement benefits and pension payments.
  15. Track the development of human capital and skills throughout the structure of the Organization.
  16. Provide computerized and automated processing of Loans, re-payments schedule and other facilities.
  17. Provide better information flow for effective planning and strategy to remain ahead in the industry.
  18. Lower costs through improved accounting and control process.
  19. Automate PAYE procedures and statutory deductions
  20. Provide immediate and comprehensive views of workforce for effective decision-making.
  21. Enhance the sharing of information across offices.
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