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The latest Vino Banking Pro 6 software has been the best banking software for Microfinance Banks, Microfinance Institutions, Finance Houses and Mortgage Bank in Nigeria for years. 

Despite the enormous features, massive tools and daily improvements to keep our pace as the best microfinance and mortgage banking software, Vino Banking is still the most affordable and cheapest to operate than any other Microfinance or mortgage banking software in Nigeria.
We still have the best support systems for our clients and as an indigenous, reputable software, you can ask for as much customizations as you want and get it done almost immediately.
The eBanking and ePayment module, the mobile banking application and the ATM Debit cards integration have all been re-engineered to give your microfinance bank a commercial bank’s type of seamlessly operated eBanking operations and activities.

Vino Banking Pro 6 software is an effective banking management software, that covers but not limited to the following:

- Applications Software support and customization
- Customers Account Management
- Fixed Asset Management
- Banking Module
- Risk / Loan and Lease Management
- Bank’s Expenses Module
- Logistics and Budgeting Module
- Staff Payroll & HRM
- eBanking and ePayment Module
- Automatic SMS and MAIL Alerts Per Transaction
- Automatic Generation & Printing of the CBN’s Monthly (EFASS) Reports
- Database Management (Backup and Recovery)

- Customers Data Management
- General Ledger, Bank Expense & Banking Module
- Fixed Asset Management – Automated Monthly Depreciation.
- Customer’s Deposits (Cheque, Cash, Special & Multi Deposits)
- Loans Management, Banking and Bank’s Expenses Module
- Customer’s Withdrawals (Cash, Cheque and Special Withdrawals)
- Staff Payroll, Manpower and HRMS (Optional)
- Security (Audit Trail and Transaction Trail)
- All Percentage Setups (Loan, Overdrafts, Interest, Fixed Deposits)
- Cheque Control / Management System + Teller Tracking
- Bank’s Logistics, Consistency and Budgeting Module.
- Database Restore and Backup (Up to 16 Auto Daily Backups)
- Journal Entry, Edit and Approval
- Fixed / Time Deposit Management Module
- In – Built Software troubleshooter and helper.
- Cash Officer Control and Maximum Withdrawal / Deposit Module.
- Automated Interest Module and Account Barring Requests.
- Vino Master, Vino Manager and Vino End-of-Day Features.
- Trial Balance, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Reports.
- Amortization and Standing Order
- Automated Bank Balances and EFASS
- Automated Loan Defaulters Charges and Penalty.
- Automated Blocking Of Dormant Accounts.
- Salary Disbursement, Fund Transfer, Loan Offset, Loan Deferment.
- Daily Contribution Management (Deductions, Loans and Charges)
- Automated SMS and EMAIL alerts to all customers.
- Automatic Provisions for both Performing and Un-performing Loans.
- Account Barring, PND and Account Balance Limit Requests.
- Loan Recovery Report, Loan Portfolio at Risk, Loan Master Sheet.

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  • We are an indigenous innovation-driven enterprise providing Information Technology solutions that are scalable, proven, secure, easy to use. 

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